Beyond Pix Studios @Bayshore

After 20 years in San Francisco, Beyond Pix announces its next stage of growth: @Bayshore, the city's largest shooting stage. You can either bring what you need, or get it all in house - including the awesome folks from Beyond Pix.

ADDRESS (Click here for Google Maps):
2178 Palou Ave (Between Barneveld and Industrial)
San Francisco, CA 94124, 415-282-5300

Contact Information

For booking, please contact:
Laura Hart
(o) 415.434.1027
(c) 415.265.2641

The Main Floor The Main Lobby The Second Floor The Soundstage The Soundstage Painted Grip Room Conference Room Client Suite Make-Up Room 1 Green Room VIP Lounge #2 2nd Floor Lounge
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Studio Specifications

  • 50' x 50' Sound Stage with 16' Grid
  • 35' X 27' Two-Wall Hard Cyclorama
  • 3 Phase, 200 amp per leg power
  • Easy Load-In, Roll up doors for vehicle access
  • WIFI
  • Commercial Size Kitchen
  • Make-Up/Wardrobe Rooms
  • Client/Talent Lounge
  • Conference Room
  • Producer Office
  • VIP Luxury Suite
  • Posh Green Room
  • Ample Free Parking
Grip Room C-Stands Scissor Lift Flags Lights and Filters
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Stock Shelf Lights/Grip Equipment

  • Complete electrical package, incl. distribution boxes
  • 3 - 200W Mini Mole
  • 6 - 650w Mole Richardson Tweenie II Solar Spot
  • 5 - 1K Mole Richardson Baby Solar Spot
  • 1 - 1K Mole Richardson Baby-Baby Solar Spot
  • 3 - 2K Mole Richardson Junior Solar Spot
  • 2 - 5K Mole Richardson Tungsten Fresnel
  • 2 - 2K Mole Richardson Tungsten Fresnel
  • 2 Ton Grip & Lighting Trailer available upon request
The Cameleon Dolly Color Check. Setting the Stage. Equipment on display. Preparing the talent. I'm seeing double!
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Popular Add-Ons

  • Scissor Lift
  • Chameleon Dolly
  • Pee-Wee Dolly
  • Junior Jib
  • Glidecam Smooth Shooter 2000 Pro
  • HMI 2000W
  • HMI 1200W
  • (please call for pricing)

Base Studio Package

Painting Costs

  • Fresh White - Floor Only:  $350
  • Fresh White - Whole Stage:  $1000

  • Green Screen Cyc (20’W x 15’T x 15’D):  $700

  • Green Screen Wall (20'W x 15'T):  $350

  • All Green:  $2000

Additional Rates

  • Overtime Rate: $225/hr
  • Weekend Differential: $200/day
  • Cleaning Cost (excessive trash): $100
  • Lighting Equipment: Billed as used
  • Expendables: Billed as used
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  • Brown Seamless
  • Blue Panels
  • Curved Plexiglass Columns
  • HIgh Canvas Director Chairs
  • High Round White Table
  • Small Mounted Monitors
  • Large Monitor on Stand
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  • Large Oval Wood Desk
  • Black Desk Chairs
  • Small Mounted Monitors
  • Wood Panels
  • Round Wooden Pillars
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  • Brown Suede Chairs
  • Small Black Square Tables
  • Small Mounted Monitors
  • Wood Panels
  • Round Wooden Pillars
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  • Custom Backdrop
  • Black Leather Chairs
  • Large Oval Glass Table
  • Riser
  • White Panel
  • Prop (centerpiece)
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  • Custom Backdrop
  • Black Leather Chairs
  • Large Oval Glass Table
  • Riser
  • Curved Plexiglass Columns
  • Large Monitor on Stand
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  • Low Canvas Folding Chairs
  • Small Round Glass Table
  • Curved Plexiglass Columns
  • Aluminum Ridged Panels
  • Round Wooden Pillars
  • Rug
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  • Large U-Shaped Desk
  • Four Chairs/Stools
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  • 2 Light Tubes (can be any color)
  • 6 Gray Wooden Panels
  • 13'' (Diameter x 8'' high) Circular Riser
  • 2 Chairs
  • Low Framing Wall
  • Backdrop
Catering Options Available Product Demonstrations Expansive Soundstage Ceremonies and Speeches Company Parties and Raffles At the Center of Everything Fully Stocked Kitchen
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Event Venue

Our stage is not only great for productions, but it is also a fabulous space for hosting events, product launches, company meetings and presentations, job fairs, and any number of other uses.

We have many additional items available to assist and enhance your event, including chairs, backgrounds and sets, and lighting; but whatever we don't have available in house we can obtain through our vendors: Acme Scenery, Jet Sets, and Brickley Production Equipment Rentals to name a few.

Not to mention that our facility is so much more than just a stage space! We have other great amenities including a spacious kitchen and posh private rooms on the second floor.

So come by and check us out - we are the perfect venue, able to provide as little (or as much!) as you need to make your next event a success.

Our Mobile Fleet Custom Construction and Carpentry We'll Always Make you Look Like a Million Bucks A Crew of Many for Any Job Top Men Working on Any Hurdle
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Additional Services

  • Custom Set Design & Construction
    • Multiple Sets, Flats, and Props
      • Pickup and Delivery with our Vehicle Fleet
        • A 27-foot Mobile Production Trailer
          • Crew of Gaffers, Grips, Electricians, and more
            • Wardrobe, Makeup Artists, and Hair Stylists
              • Crane and Jib Equipment and Operators

Grip & Lighting

Little Giant Lighting and Grip

Fontana Film and Video Services

DTC Lighting and Grip

Prop and Set Services

Acme Scenery Company
100 Industrial Way
Brisbane, CA 94005
p. 415.468.2262
f. 415.468.2263


Christopher's Fine Catering
Above & Beyond Catering
Table Nectar
Curryous Catering

Travel Services

Yellow Cab Green Cab American Airporter Luxor Cab SFO San Francisco Airport Transportation
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Parking and Meters

There is ample, non-metered parking at our @Bayshore location.

If you need to reserve specific spaces or a large area for parking, however, please contact first. It may be necessary to reserve parking through the police department.

Contact info for parking at the Bayshore Police Station:
Officer Bernadette Robinson #1733
Bayview Police Station
(415) 671-2313

Other Services

Neil Tanner Teleprompting


Live Event Promo

An overview of some of our past live event big successes.

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Project Reboot 2013

Project Reboot 2013 has wrapped and we couldn't be happier with the turn out. From the open houses to the SOMA-Palooza after party, Reboot broke down that great electronic barrier, known as the internet, to bring San Francisco's production community together.

Ok, so we used the internet to live-stream the event, but whatever, it's the new millennium. Get with the times already. With such great music, drinks, prizes and people at this years event, it's no doubt that we are already planning for the next Reboot. Check out the photos of some great facilities and the awesome after party.

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Swap Meet 2012

The Swap Meet this past Saturday Sept. 15th was a stab at hosting and creating another "real life" event to get people together. We had some gear, and knew others did too, and thought it would be a nice excuse to throw another mixer - this time with a different flavor. We did learn something from this event - back in the day, equipment lasted much longer and wasn't considered as disposable as today's computer driven tools. So while the traditional SD gear has a long lifespan, it is definitely not applicable in today's world! It brought into question as to whether a Film & Video Swap Meet is something that can be sustained, when the gear is rendered obsolete so quickly...

While not much money was to be made, it was worthwhile for us (and we hope the others who participated!) to clear out space and clean shop! In the end we wound up donating almost all of it to NATAS' Bay Area Media Museum, as well as donating some carts to the San Francisco Public Library and other miscellaneous stuff to Goodwill.

We also raised a couple hundred dollars for the Blind Babies Foundation - go production community!

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2012 NorCal Emmys

The 41st Annual Northern California Area Emmys® Awards Show took place this past Saturday, June 9th, at the Hilton in San Francisco.  The Beyond Pix team was on-hand from start to finish, providing crew and gear and helping to produce the event.  We even created an interstitial video called "Off the Air", a teaser spoof of "Survivor" in which people from different local stations participated in the scripted short.

This was our fourth year working on the Emmys, and it was the biggest and best yet!  A multi-cam show consisting of two ballrooms, multiple screen displays, a dance number, live band, and a post-show winner interview set-up just to name a few elements. We coordinated with Lenny of Full View Media to webcast the show live, and while the event may now be over you will be able to view winner clips - complete with acceptance speech and post-interview - on

The Beyond Pix Team Tom (Snader) chatting with Sean and Peter (Beyond Pix) Mingling in the sun Jenn, Shelby, and Andrea working the Beyond Pix booth Redeeming passport stamps for raffle tickets Ray Santiago, Founder of Beyond Pix Studios 4TB G-Raid prize, donated by Snader Winner of a New iPad
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Project Reboot 2012

Thirty-one companies. Food and beverage sponsors. Live music. New tech raffle prizes. Over 350 people. The event? Project Reboot. This event, which can best be described as a San Francisco Production Crawl, was initiated by Beyond Pix Studios and quickly embraced by the area's production community. Participation was massive, from brick and mortar companies to organizations like the NCPC and PGA, all pooling resources and contacts for the success of the event. It started at 3PM, with companies hosting their own open houses as well as organizations with display tables set-up at Beyond Pix Studios @Bayshore. But when 6PM hit, it was all party as everyone switched gears and the band Max Bran Beat started playing for SOMA-palooza. There was great suspense as all the guests waited with baited breath for the raffle drawing - everyone hoping they would be the ones to win the New iPad or one of several other great prizes. Project Reboot was the first event of its kind, and many people hope it is not the last.

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NATAS "Show Me the Idea" Event

This past Thursday March 15th 2012 there was a gathering at Beyond Pix Studios @Bayshore for individuals to have the chance to pitch their TV show program ideas to a panel of experts for feedback and advice. It was a genuine atmosphere of sharing, with everyone learning not only from feedback on their own idea but also from other peoples' pitches. There was all-around enthusiastic audience participation, even from some puppets!

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"Blue Jasmine" @Bayshore

In August 2012 friend and associate of Beyond Pix, Debbie Brubaker, brought the Woody Allen Summer Project to the Beyond Pix Studios @Bayshore soundstage to shoot tests and a scene with Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett. Now that the trailer is out we are excited to show some of our behind-the-scenes photos from the upcoming feature, titled Blue Jasmine.

“It was great to have Woody and company work in the stage,” said Brubaker. “It will be fun to see @Bayshore on the silver screen!” Check out the photos and be sure to see the movie now that it's hit theaters.

Debbie Brubaker is Executive Chair of the Directors Guild of America (SFCC) and is on the Board of Directors at the San Francisco Digital Film School.


Mythbusters Again!

Hands down, we’re fans of the show Mythbusters while on the other hand, we suspect they’re a fan of our @Bayshore stage. For one of their ever intriguing episodes, they tested whether hand drying by paper towel vs. air dryers to determine which one is more sanitary.

To conduct the experiment, they built a temporary bathroom in our stage and called on some volunteers and the results were... in the end, handily obvious. We thank Jamie, Adam and the Mythbusters crew for making us one of your handy locations. We work well together hand in hand.


'Sounds of Silence"

Can you hear me now? We hope not!

In our quest to create San Francisco’s premier soundstage, we’re continually updating our @Bayshore location. The newest addition is a 34 by 17 foot sound wall that will help to keep things a little quieter between our neighbors and our productions.

It was a big job, but our in-house crew worked extra hard to get the project done right and in time for our client to shoot four days after construction began. We started the process by building a robust frame. Then we stuffed the cavities with insulation, nailed on sound boards, and covered it with sheetrock. After taping, mudding, sanding and painting, it’s now a beautiful green monster (not to take anything away from Fenway Park).

Check out the project video to see the birth of our new soundwall!


"Force of Beauty"

  • Bare Escentuals, one of the worlds leading beauty brands in mineral make-up products, commissioned Colemanfilm Media Group to create a high end promotional/instructional video. With the help of Corduroy Media, Beyond Pix Studio’s @Bayshore stage was the facility chosen and as you’ll see, it played an essential role in their production style.
  • Directed by Michael Coleman
  • Produced by Carl D. Brown

    "Echo Handler"

  • Bay Area creative powerhouse GB Films rented @Bayshore for a product shoot. As you can see from their work, it was a complex shoot with all the setup of a very complicated Labcyte machine. Combined with their fantastic computer graphics & animation and on-location shoot, this top of the line product launch video is what keeps GB Films one of the region’s best production companies.
  • Directed by Andy Hill

    (x)matters: "How It Works"

  • (x)matters enlists the help of Beyond Pix@Bayshore to create a video showcasing their Business Continuity Management solution.
  • Produced by QuickSilver HG


  • Beyond Pix @Bayshore is proud to host the Discovery Channel's most popular duo as they test another myth to see if the phrase “knowing it like the back of my hand” theory is for real, or just another colloquialism that we all just take for granted.
  • Produced by Beyond Productions Pty. Ltd.

    "More Real"

  • SITE Santa Fe promotes its new exhibition, exploring the world and the way we negotiate.
  • Directed by Jonn Herschend

    Xfinity on Demand

  • San Francisco Bay Area TiVo Premiere and Comcast customers for the first time ever can access XFINITY On Demand in addition to the best entertainment from the web on the innovative, easy-to-use TiVo Premiere DVR.
  • Produced by SFEdits.

    "Why Minerals?"

  • Leslie Blodgett, creator of bareMinerals and Executive Chairman, explains why you should choose bareMinerals.
  • Produced and directed by Michael Coleman.

    "Complexion Essentials"

  • Leslie Blodgett, Creator of bareMinerals and Executive Chairman, discusses the essentials of achieving perfect complexion.
  • Produced and directed by Michael Coleman.