Not just Post. Editorial.

Yes, we have several high definition edit suites.  Sure, we have the latest in Final Cut Pro, Avid, Adobe, and other post production software applications.  Correct, our shared storage solution and media management tools are rock solid.  But what really sets us apart is not just the tools... it's how we wield them.  Our team of editors, motion graphic artists and assistants don't just punch the buttons, we offer true editorial insight in collaboration with the production team to deliver the best possible final product.

Land's End Editing Suite Alcatraz Editing Suite A Final Cut Pro Timeline Editing by Your Command... Animation Settings in Adobe After Effects
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Editing & Motion Graphics

The core of any post facility are its workstations and suites.  The Beyond Pix post production department was built for flexibility, reliability and consistency.  We cross-train our staff to operate all of our workstations, because they all dance together in harmonious synchronization.  A project can be worked on simultaneously in several suites, all whilst sharing the same assets.  This flexibility and power drives up productivity for your projects.

  • Eight (8) SD/HD Avid/Final Cut Pro workstations
  • Six (6) client ready edit suites
  • DigiDesign ProTools audio post-production suite
  • Tape Viewing/Logging station
  • Producer work spaces
  • Screening Room
Once More With Feeling Voicing your Voiceovers Digital Clarity Our Stereo Systems Controlling the Transmission
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Audio-Post Production

What you see in a video is only half of the experience.  Just as important as what you see... is what you hear. We offer in-house audio post production through our partnership with First Generation. Our audio recording studio and mixing suite can take your production sound to the next decibel level.

  • Digidesign ProTools workstation
  • 50" video support for ADR & mix-to-picture
  • Boutique recording booth with sand pit
  • ISDN recording and playback capability
  • Library of over 8,000 sound effects
Documenting our Progress Tracking your Project
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Editorial Leadership

True collaboration.  Our team of editors, post-producers and motion graphic artists offer editorial guidance for your project.  We can help carry the load of the creative and bring our extensive content experience into on the overall vision of the production.  This means you'll have more time to focus on other aspects of the project while we work under-the-hood to produce the visual design you're looking for.

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Jenn Rubin

Lead Editor

Just about everyone has seen a time lapse footage of a seedling growing into a flower in about :15 seconds.  It seems that way when we see Jenn, whose mere couple of years at Beyond Pix has witnessed phenomenal growth in such a short time. 

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Jim Darski

Senior Design Editor

It is oft quoted that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and therefore, it is empowering to know you are the beholder when you judge the beauty of Jim’s work.

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Woody Griffin

Assistant Editor

The starship Enterprise had Scotty.  Beyond Pix’s magic video post complex has Woody, and he’s making sure she’s giving it all she’s got.

Kirk Golderg
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Kirk Goldberg


Kirk has been working as a freelance editor in the Northern California  market for over fifteen years. In that time, he established many collaborative relationships with producers, directors, corporations, television stations, and post-production facilities.

"We Turn 21"

When Beyond Pix first began in 1992, the Internet was barely in the picture. Today, it is the worldwide venue in which we’re hosting our virtual birthday party. It’s been an incredible twenty years, and as a media company, we’ve had the best seat in the house watching history unfold.

We reflect on our past, in tandem with the dramatic events we’ve witnessed and realized that in our youth, we’ve lived through some of the most significant changes in global history. It isn’t just our story, it’s yours as well. We all share so much in common. It’s often said that you’re only young once, but to us, we’ll always be young at heart. Thanks for being a part of our company, our success…our lives

Producer: Lorelle Strange
Editor/GFX: Jim Darski, Andrea Barnett, Jenn Rubin


"Team Gleason" PSA

Team Gleason recruited some of the NFL’s biggest stars to help raise awareness for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Beyond Pix worked with longtime collaborator, Neil Alford of Neil Alford Productions, to put together the powerful PSA.

Producer: Neil Alford
Editor: Jenn Rubini
Assistant Editor: Woody Griffin


Yahoo! Bing Network

Yahoo! works with Beyond Pix to show why the Yahoo! Bing Network is the best available solution for search advertising.

Writer: Tony Welch
Producer: Josh Hittleman
Editor: Jim Darski
Assistant Editor: Jennifer Rubin


"Wistia Cribs: Beyond Pix"

We got style, swagger, and more than 22,000 square feet of production space! On this episode of Production Cribs, Creative Director Tony Welch shows off Beyond Pix Studios. So put on your stunna shades and crack open a LaCroix, because its time to get your production groove on.

Director/Producer: Tom Larsen
DP: Josh Hittleman
Graphics: Jim Darski
Editor: Woody Griffin



Our 2nd season of producing Television spots for Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, brings all the excitement from the track to your living room.  All 4 major race events are covered, including Nascar, Indy, NHRA and AMA.  The spots are produced in HD, incorporating thrilling race, archival legends footage and unique graphic treatments.

Your Digital Toolbox

We've spent years building and acquiring a host of practical, and fun, tools for your post-production needs.  Whether it's the latest in non-linear edit systems, motion graphics applications, hardware acceleration or remote approval through the web; our post workflow ensures your project is being built by industry leading tools.  To name a few:

  • Avid© Media Composer
  • Avid© Unity MediaNet
  • Apple Final Cut Studio
  • Adobe Production Suite
  • Telestream© Encoding Software
  • DigitalRapids Encoding Hardware/Software
  • DigiDesign© ProTools

Rock Solid Technology

You can have all the fancy tools in the world, but if you don't have a quality workshop then it's all for not.  Our post-production workshop was built for stability, speed and flexibility.  All of our edit suites were engineered for the future with the highest quality cable signals and data lines.  It all runs through our robust Machine Control Room that features a variety of enterprise solutions for shared-storage, web services, signal monitoring, asset management and deck support.  You can be assured that your project is being measured and maintained with a reliable, secure, enterprise-class infrastructure.

People are always lending us a hand...
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Our Extended Family

It's all about family.  Beyond Pix has been a part of the San Francisco post-production community since it's inception.  We've seen houses come and go, and we've made friends with nearly everyone.  Our friends are your friends.  If there are any services you need that exist outside of Beyond Pix's core services, we can refer, or partner, with dozens of local vendors and companies to ensure that your project is met with just the right solution.  Welcome to the family.